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Oticon Acto is the new high performance mid market hearing device with many advantages of the RISE 2 platform including the popular miniRITE style.


Oticon Agil is the new premium family of high performance hearing solutions. Based on the new RISE 2 wireless processing platform, Agil users get the best hearing experience today’s technology can deliver.


Oticon Alta is specifically developed to improve your hearing, even is noisy environments. It’s specially designed to help you adapt to any situation to better hear the world around you.


Oticon Chili is a sophisticated answer to your hearing impairment. It's the most powerful, and smallest Super Power 13 ever!


Oticon Ino is the new entry-level hearing solution from Oticon. With Ino, you can experience the benefits of some of the very latest advances in hearing care technology.


Oticon Nera lets you enjoy full, round sound quality and speech understanding with less effort. It gives a clear sense of where the sounds around you are coming from through integrated directional microphones so you can completely focus on the sounds you want to.


Oticon Ria is a great choice for the first-time hearing aid wearer because it is customizable and delivers excellent sound quality. Its small yet powerful components let you choose the right options for your unique circumstances.

ConnectLine™ Wireless Hearing Aid Solutions

ConnectLine™ is an intuitive family of wireless solutions providing Bluetooth integration with most Oticon hearing instruments.

Streamer Wireless Hearing Aid Solutions

Oticon’s Streamer is a Bluetooth device that serves as a gateway between your hearing instruments and electronic devices such as phones or external audio sources.