The Second Generation Opn

For 2019, Oticon has introduced major new capabilities to its Opn hearing aid brand. First brought to market in 2016, this is the first major upgrade of the Opn and brings features like better performance in noisy environments and an improved anti-feedback system.

The new Opn S is built around more powerful processing capabilities and the wealth of data that has been collected since the Opn line was first released. At that time, Oticon stated that their aim was to create a product that would achieve parity — including in noisy environments — between the hearing impaired and people with “normal” hearing.

That goal is getting closer. Oticon claims that the Opn S provides a 15 percent increase in speech understanding, 10 percent increase in memory recall, and 10 percent drop in listening effort compared to users’ experience with the first generation of Opn hearing aids. These figures are from Oticon’s Centre for Applied Audiology Research (CAAR) in Denmark.

Other second-generation features include a significantly improved feedback-control capability via the OpenSound Optimizer. Oticon claims it will be the first hearing aid that will inhibit feedback without directly lowering the hearing aid’s overall amplification level.

Another new feature is the OpenSound Booster, which will enable an iPhone or Android smartphone to be wirelessly linked to the Opn S and act as a booster when the user feels the need. This will be very helpful in noisy environments.

And one of the four new models — the Opn S Rechargeable — will have a long-lasting lithium-ion rechargeable battery.