How to Survive Black Friday With Hearing Loss

For some, Black Friday is a day of excitement. For others, it’s an enigmatic event to be avoided at all costs.

If you’re one of the former and have hearing issues — or maybe even if you don’t — there are some steps you want to take before venturing out into the stampede of Christmas shoppers. If carrying out your purchasing duties the day after Thanksgiving makes absolutely no sense — or instead you stay home and shop online — then you’ve got nothing to worry about.

Otherwise, it’s a jungle out there — and it’s best to be prepared.

Step one is planning ahead. Asking for information on the “day of” is not going to be easy — whether you have hearing issues or not. Store clerks will be at their wit’s end. It’ll be loud. If you have a game plan you can follow with a minimum of needing to talk to others, then all the better.

If you do need to talk to a store clerk, make sure you let them know you’re hearing impaired. This will hopefully alert them to the need to slow down and be as clear as possible.

Finding some partners to charge the ramparts with is also a good strategy, especially if noisy environments are a particular challenge. Likewise, remember that ears actually respond well to taking a break from loudness. Just going outside or sitting in the car periodically during the day will not only calm the nerves but also give the ear canal some rest.

Finally, neither ears nor hearing aids are big fans of the cold. So, it’s best to skip the “camping out for bargains” experience altogether. If Black Friday will involve extended time in the cold, then remember to keep your ears as warm as possible.