Masks and Hearing Aids Don’t Really Work Well Together

Everyone was hoping that COVID-19 would be less and less a part of our lives as the summer rolled on. That’s not looking too likely now.

And wearing a mask when out in public appears to be one of the keys to getting control of this newest coronavirus.

Which presents some challenges to anyone with hearing issues, especially those who use hearing aids.

The obvious fact is that hearing someone who is wearing a mask is significantly more difficult. The mask muffles their voice. And facial expressions and “lip reading” visual cues are absent.

The only real solutions are ensuring that the person you’re speaking with knows about your hearing issue — so they can try to speak more slowly and clearly — and avoiding noisy environments (which make conversations more challenging even in the best of times).

As far as wearing a mask, the first step is creating a routine that allows you to get a mask on and off without knocking your hearing aid out. Practice makes perfect.

But a mask with a tie string — as opposed to elastic ear loops — might make this easier (though the knot does have to be retied periodically to keep the mask snug). The other option is using a mask holder, which cinches up the elastic bands behind your head (avoiding the ears completely). They can be purchased with easy-to-use buttons — or improvised with s-hooks or even large paperclips.

Finally, hearing aid providers may have some clever tricks they can share with you as we all come to terms with living with COVID-19.