The Smallest Gets Even Smaller

The Lyric line of hearing aids by Phonak has been a trendsetter since first being introduced in 2007. It was the first extended-wear and invisible model on the market and can be used for months without being removed. And its in-the-ear fitting means that, in the age of COVID, it doesn’t get caught up on the ear loops of masks.

And 2021 will see the latest upgrade to the line with the release of the Lyric4.

Somehow, the already small-enough-to-be-invisible Lyric has been made even smaller, making it even more comfortable. Its ruggedness factor has also been cranked up by better protecting it from earwax and other material that can degrade performance.

New users have reported that the smaller size reduces skin irritation and made using a Lyric even more seamless. This has led to an increase in the already high fitting success rate for units placed in the ears of users. And a redesigned moat around the medial port receiver reduces the opportunity for debris to interfere with the Lyric’s functions, meaning units will last longer after installation.

For most users, comfort is one of the two most important factors in rating hearing aid (the other being performance). The Lyric has always rated high in both areas and the Lyric4 boosts comfort significantly. Its invisibility is also a highly rated feature.

“There’s no daily maintenance so wearers can live their life without thinking about their hearing aids,” explained the vice president of marketing for Sonova (Phonak’s parent company) Martin Grieder. “This is extremely important for many consumers and reinforces why Lyric is such a valuable part of the Phonak portfolio.”

The Lyric4 will come in seven sizes to meet the needs of almost any consumer.