A Day to Think Long-Term

Modern life is many things. One of them is loud. From earbuds to sound systems, jet planes to leaf blowers, loud is all around.

Which is an increasing factor in the aggregate hearing health of people everywhere.

This is why this year’s World Hearing Day, March 3, is dedicated to safe listening. The theme is “To hear for life, listen with care.” Cortland Hearing Aids will be actively participating at our office on 1033 Route 13 (Tompkins St.) in Cortland.

What the event’s sponsor, World Health Organization (WHO), wants to highlight is that one of the best preventative measures to limit widespread hearing loss is to encourage safe listening habits. The goal is to emphasize how important it is to maintain good hearing health throughout life.

Exposure to loud sound situations—both sudden and constant—is one of the most common causes of hearing loss, especially for the middle-aged (who in recent decades have become more susceptible to it). Recreational activities like concerts or using personal listening devices and work environments marked by constant sound are both at-risk activities.

On the personal level, the WHO wants to highlight that hearing loss can be prevented, especially by limiting exposure to loud sounds with “safe listening” routines. The need for governments and industries to implement evidence-based safety standards is also being emphasized.

This year’s event builds on the 2021 launch of the World Report on Hearing, which focused on the rise of hearing loss risk around the world. Noise control is one of seven interventions stressed in the report and World Hearing Day also fits well with another item on the list, Greater Community Engagement.

The WHO was founded in 1948 by the United Nations to promote healthier lives, starting with pregnant women and continuing throughout life.