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Any Quick Fixes for Hearing Loss?

Are there any ways to treat hearing loss and turn back the tide? Like athletes who suffer injuries, get treatment, and go through rehab until they eventually get back to where they were performance-wise (or at least close)? Unfortunately, hearing loss is usually a lot more permanent than a sports injury. There are treatment options […]

The Smallest Gets Even Smaller

The Lyric line of hearing aids by Phonak has been a trendsetter since first being introduced in 2007. It was the first extended-wear and invisible model on the market and can be used for months without being removed. And its in-the-ear fitting means that, in the age of COVID, it doesn’t get caught up on […]

Being Low Stress Will Help Your Hearing

The bad news is that chronic stress can actually degrade your hearing. Lucky that 2020 has been so stress-free. Where’s the good news? Well, in this case, there isn’t any — though there are ways to mitigate this reality. Hearing is not the only area of health that is negatively impacted by stress. This list […]

Your Hearing and Your Holiday

Some people love the family get together of Thanksgiving. Some grin and bear it. But no matter where one falls on that spectrum, anyone with hearing loss can find such events a challenge. Being in a crowded holiday space means a congested auditory environment, making it hard to decipher individual words from the cacophony — […]

Time to Take the Bull By the Horns

With October being National Audiology Awareness Month — coming after restricted access to hearing healthcare professionals due to COVID-19 restrictions — now’s a great time to go over some reasons why you should give your hearing issues some attention. The fact is, ignoring them will not only lead to poorer hearing, but also make a […]

Please, Just Turn Everything Down

It’s like something from a horror movie or an episode of The Twilight Zone. Some unknown hand has turned up the volume on the world. Everything is just too loud and there’s no way to make it stop. Unfortunately, this is actually not fantasy for the small minority of people who suffer from hyperacusis. This […]

Beware Swimmer’s Ear

Everyone is itching to get out and do something. And swimming is one of the best ways to get some exercise, even though public pools may not be an option due to COVID-19. But that itch to get in the water can lead to the nasty itch of swimmer’s ear, so take some precautions. And […]

Masks and Hearing Aids Don’t Really Work Well Together

Everyone was hoping that COVID-19 would be less and less a part of our lives as the summer rolled on. That’s not looking too likely now. And wearing a mask when out in public appears to be one of the keys to getting control of this newest coronavirus. Which presents some challenges to anyone with […]

A Month For Men to Think of Their Health

In part to honor Father’s Day, June is Men’s Health Month. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, it is meant to “… raise awareness about health care for men and focus on encouraging boys, men, and their families to practice and implement healthy living decisions.” And one area of health to […]

A Change of Plans

Since 1927, May has been Better Hearing and Speech Month. But there’s never been a year quite like this one. Activities and programs meant to center, this year, on issues around “Communication at Work” have had to be shelved to deal with the elephant in the room that no one can ignore: COVID-19. The organization […]