Best New Hearing Aids on the Market in 2017

With the ever-increasing sophistication and size minimization of computer electronics, new hearing aids continue to come on the market that provide not only better hearing experiences, but more options for connecting wirelessly with other electronic devices.

Oticon has expanded their Opn line with their Plus Power unit, which can be used with both standard and thin tubes. Other features added to their product line include Tinnitus SoundSupport and the Speech Rescue LX system. Their new Opn rechargeable hearing aid is the first 2.4 GHz direct streaming rechargeable unit, a feature that can be retrofitted to previous models.

There are three types of hearing aids in the updated Opn line, all RIC (receiver-in-canal) style and branded as miniRITE. They are easily enough categorized as Opn 1, Opn 2, and Opn 3, with the Opn1 being the premium model that includes the most features. The entire Opn line is designed to reduce unwanted noise and increase comfort for the user.

The Opn line is based on a new computer chip that includes the most recent technological innovations available. Improved noise reduction and full connectivity to mobile devices — including iPhones — with its If This Then That (IFTTT) web service and Connectline and Streamer Pro assistive-listening devices are its key enhancements.

IFTTT allows full integration with applications via the Internet and allows connectivity with devices such as doorbells, baby monitors, and thermostats. More and more IFTTT-compatible devices are coming online regularly.

Connectline and Streamer Pro assistive-listening devices allow your hearing aid to be wirelessly connected locally to sources such as mobile phones, TVs, computers, MP3 players, and personal microphones and give you a wealth of listening options.

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