A Day in the Life of an Audiologist

Cortland Hearing Aid audiology professionals in Cortland New York work to improve the quality of the life for patients.  Problems addressed range from hearing loss prevention to tinnitus, hearing loss, even balance problems. A day in the life of an Audiologist may include working in a hospital, in their own office, or on site.  They may serve patient age groups from infants to school children to senior citizens.

Audiologists provide hearing loss prevention consultation to gun enthusiasts, motorsports enthusiasts, and construction workers. There are even special hearing protection products for musicians who are exposed to loud music often.

In addition to consultation, a good portion of time is spent conducting hearing tests. Special attention is paid to hearing ability at various frequencies and sound levels, as well as in the presence of loud background noise. Results are analyzed to diagnose specific types and causes of hearing loss so that the appropriate hearing aid type can be prescribed if needed.  The Audiologist will also interview the patient to determine how lifestyle, vocation, and personal preference may influence the choice of hearing aids. The Audiologist will program the prescribed hearing aids to provide the exact help needed, then custom fit chosen devices. Patient and family education is often included in aftercare, to help hearing aid wearers and their loved ones get the best results.

Our Complete Hearing Healthcare program ensures your hearing aids always work properly. This program is included free with every hearing aid you purchase from Cortland Hearing Aids. Quarterly Cleaning and Adjustments, Yearly Screenings, Loss and Damage Insurance: Repair Warranty, and Free Batteries for Five Years. Hearing aid services and repairs are also available for patients who bought their devices elsewhere. Further, the patient may receive advice about modern listening devices that help them improve listening experiences with televisions or cell phones.

Finally, Audiologists also help people with tinnitus, or ringing in the ears as well as balance disorders.

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