Oticon OPN

Connect to Your World with Oticon’s Opn Hearing Aid

Oticon OPNSpring is in full bloom, and so is the new hearing device lineup at Cortland Hearing Aids in Cortland, New York. Perhaps the most innovative device available now is Oticon’s new hearing aid, Opn – the first hearing device proven to make communication easier on the brain.

Opn offers numerous benefits for those with hearing loss, such as:

  •  Enhanced confidence in social situations
  • Less listening effort required
  • More accurate conversation recall

Opn is powered by Velox technology, which process sound fifty times faster than other hearing aid technology and enables wearers experience sound more fully. The faster processing keeps up with your brain, making conversations more natural and less tiring – even in loud, multi-voice environments like restaurants.

The Oticon Opn is packed with features that offer users a more natural way of listening in complex environments, including:

  •  The TwinLink – a new feature that enables binaural communication between hearing aids. This means the user can identify where sounds are coming from.
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Minimal battery usage
  • OpenSound Navigator – a feature that scans, analyzes, and delivers sounds without amplifying “background noise.” In other words, it increases your awareness of the environment while bringing a conversation to the forefront.
  • Internet Options – the first hearing aid of its kind to offer complete connectivity. Your hearing aid can connect to any smart device, like a phone. Further, the Opn can be upgraded at home via the If This, Then That (IFTTT) web-based platform. Control over 300 devices – from your television to your coffeepot – and have the ability to contact emergency services, all through your Opn hearing aid.

To find out more about this advance in hearing aid technology, contact the staff at Cortland Hearing Aids at 1.888.614.8064. We are centrally located in Cortland, NY.

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