Our hearing health care professionals at Cortland Hearing Aids, in Cortland, New York, is here for you. Our goal is to help you hear the world around you as clearly as possible. No two people experience hearing loss in exactly the same way, so we work to find the best solution for your unique lifestyle, type and degree of hearing loss, and budget.

We perform a wide variety of hearing evaluations to determine how we can best treat your individual hearing loss. We also offer a selection of hearing aids from top manufacturers.

We don’t simply just dispense hearing aids. Our staff members are experts in offering comprehensive testing, services, and hearing loss solutions to residents in the Cortland, New York area.

Hearing Aid Products

These aren’t your parents’ hearing aids. Today’s hearing devices are sleeker, smarter, more technologically advanced, and at times virtually invisible. That’s why it’s important that the audiology practice you work with stay up-to-date on the latest in hearing aid technology. At Cortland Hearing Aids, we carry a number of state-of-the-art digital hearing aids from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

We work with brands including:

  • Oticon: The hearing aid styles from this manufacturer include the Alta, Nera and the Ria, as well as hearing aid enhancement products to make the most of your devices, including:
    • ConnectLine: A series of devices transform your hearing aids into a personal wireless headset, allowing you to connect to communication and entertainment. These also help enhance face-to-face conversations, television, music, video chatting and phone conversations, making them clearer and crisper.
    • StreamerPro: The “heart” of the line, picks up and audio signal and sends it straight into both ears, with no detectable delays in transmission, so what you hear will perfectly match any visual images, for a seamless listening experience. Worn around your neck, it looks like a stylish MP3 player and has separate buttons for phone, TV and microphone.
  • Lyric: The world’s first and only extended wear hearing aid, worn 24/7 for months at a time, gives you the freedom to experience life as you did before your hearing loss. Placed comfortably deep in the ear canal, you can wear it while showering, exercising and sleeping. And because Lyric takes advantage of the ear’s anatomy, you’ll experience more natural hearing assistance, including the ability to tell where a sound is coming from. Best of all, because it’s placed inside your ear canal, it’s 100 % invisible to anyone but you.
  • Signia: Building on Siemens’ values of technology innovation and quality, Signia has more than 130 years of successful heritage and supplies one in every four hearing aids worldwide.
    • •Cellion™: With its OneShell design, Cellion offers a reliable, high-capacity lithium-ion power cell that provides up to 24 hours of regular use on a single charge. Cellion’s rechargeable lithium-ion power cell uses convenient wireless inductive charging technology with no batteries to replace — simply put your Cellion hearing aids in the charger and the smart electronics take care of the rest! Its advanced SpeechMaster function continuously monitors what you are listening to and focuses automatically on your conversation partner while reducing unwanted voices and background noise at the same time. As a result, hearing with Cellion requires even less strain than normal hearing.

Whatever your needs may be, we can fit you with the appropriate hearing aid for you.

Custom Hearing Products

In addition to offering numerous hearing aid styles and models, we carry additional products to help you adapt to different listening situations. In particular, we offer custom hearing protection to help you protect and preserve your hearing.

Custom Ear Molds/Hearing Protection: At Cortland Hearing Aids, we know that protecting your hearing is just as important as treating hearing loss. That’s why we offer a wide range of hearing protection, including:

  • Swim plugs: Our custom swim plugs prevent water from getting in your ears to help you enjoy swimming and other water activities without fear of ear infections.
  • Musician’s earplugs: Whether you’re a performer or a fan, custom musician’s plugs are designed to provide a flat reduction in sound, without reducing clarity or quality of sound, so you can enjoy every moment without risking Noise Induced Hearing Loss.
  • Hearing Protection: Designed specifically for the shape of your ear, our custom plugs can help you enjoy everything from a chat in a crowded coffee shop to a walk near a busy street – daily activities that you may not even realize can damage your hearing. Our comfortable hearing protection can help hear every moment safely.

Assistive Listening Devices

Assistive listening devices (ALDs) are products that are used to enhance listening abilities in certain challenging environments. Most of today’s hearing aids are designed to work along with ALDs to improve your overall listening experience. At our office in Cortland, New York, we carry a number of ALDs including:

  • TV Ears: Tired of being asked to turn the television down when you can barely hear it? TV Ears can help. These wireless headsets allow you to listen to television audio in isolation so as not to affect the people around you. Available in digital, analog, or dual ports, they help you listen at the volume you need without complaints from family or friends.
  • Caption Call: Similar to captioned television, Caption Call delivers instant captions for your telephone calls on a display screen using voice recognition software so you won’t miss a word.

Hearing Aid Batteries

Cortland Hearing Aids carries batteries for all your hearing devices.

The hearing experts at Cortland Hearing Aids, in Cortland, New York, understand the positive changes that can occur when you receive the right hearing aid or listening device for you. Visit our Cortland, New York office today and start your journey toward better hearing!