The Lyric: Invisible and Convenient

The Lyric by Phonak is a virtually invisible hearing aid that delivers cutting-edge sound quality. Positioned deep in the ear canal, it’s not obvious the person using it has a hearing aid. Individual units are inserted and worn for up to 4 months and then replaced when the battery is at the end of its life. A plan covering a specific time period, rather than individual units, is the most common payment method.

Since the Lyric is placed so deep into the ear canal, it’s very close to the eardrum, which improves overall sound quality. Performance in the high frequencies is also better and unlike hearing aids that fill more of the outer part of the ear canal, the occlusion effect — which produces a disorientating experience with self-generated sounds, such as one’s own voice — is curtailed. The Lyric is also easier to use with phones and other listening devices.

The uniqueness of the Lyric’s technology and placement requires evaluation and fitting by a trained professional. Not everyone can use the Lyric, including those with certain medical conditions. The first step is an examination of the ear canal to see if it’s the right choice. An audiogram will have to be done to determine if your hearing loss is in the range that will work with the Lyric. Finally, the unit will have to be fitted to your ear through a specific procedure.

It’s not unusual to need a follow-up fitting 5 to 10 days after first getting the device, to deal with any discomfit issues that might have developed. But the invisibility and convenience of the Lyric make it worth the extra steps.

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