With Care, Summertime Can Be When the Living Is Easy

With summer comes traditional pastimes looked forward to over the long winter months. Time to hit the green, swim in lakes, and enjoy the great outdoors.

A good old-fashioned ear infection will put an end to all that.

Although usually dubbed “swimmer’s ear,” there are plenty of ways to get a summertime ear infection. The common theme is your ears get wet and don’t dry out quickly enough.

Basically, fungal and bacterial infections thrive in moist areas; the ear canal is just such an environment if proper care is not taken. And swimming is not required to get things wet. Humidity, getting caught in the rain, or just plain sweating in the summer sun will do it too.

One of the easiest solutions is ear drops, which get rid of moisture quickly via a chemical reaction. What you don’t want to do is to try rubbing them dry with cotton swabs, tissues, or your fingers. This kind of friction will lead to abrasions on the walls of the inner ear that will actually increase the likelihood of infections taking hold.

If you really get soaked, a blow dryer on low heat or even just tilting your head from side to side while pulling on your earlobe (which makes the ear canal tauter) can help dry things out.

And if you’ve put in the work to find hearing aids that are affordable, you’ll want to treat them well by keeping them dry. Not only to keep them in working order but also to keep your ears dry. Inserting hearing aids that are not properly dry is another good way to get an ear infection. Most hearing aid providers carry dehumidifiers that will do that job.

Don’t let an ear infection get in the way of summer fun.