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FM stands for "frequency modulation." It refers to a special kind of assistive listening system (ALS) that can help people with trouble hearing in specific noisy environments, like a school.

What Is an FM System?

An FM system is a group of devices that enables a person with hearing loss to hear more clearly. It consists of a microphone worn by the speaker, a transmitter, and a receiver worn by the user. The microphone picks up the speaker's voice and broadcasts it through an FM transmitter to the receiver worn by the user.

The transmitter can be a device separate from the microphone, or it can be part of the same device worn around the neck or clipped onto clothing. A small radio receiver called an FM receiver, or a streamer is then worn by the user. The FM receiver picks up the signal from the transmitter and sends it through an earpiece directly into the user's ear.

A newer technology known as an integrated FM system allows for better communication between teachers and students. In this system, a microphone worn by the teacher transmits directly to a receiver in the student's hearing aid without a separate transmitter.

How FM systems are used in schools

FM systems have been used in schools for many years. The aim of the FM system in schools is to make it easier for students to understand the teacher's words, allowing them to learn at the same pace as their peers.

An FM system can also be paired with assistive listening devices (ALD), such as headphones, earphones, and neck loops. ALDs help transmit audio signals directly to hearing aids via wires or Bluetooth technology, eliminating interference from background noise. Some schools also have sound-field systems or induction loop systems installed so that all students can benefit from clear speech and less background noise.

The benefits of an FM system for your child

If you are wondering about whether an FM system is suitable for use in your child's school, here are some of the benefits:

Eliminates background noise: Since the FM signal is transmitted directly from the microphone to the student's receiver, background noise is eliminated. This is especially helpful in noisy classrooms with fans and fluorescent lights, as well as crowded cafeterias or indoor assemblies.

Reduces feedback: Because of how they're designed, FM systems typically have less feedback than infrared or induction loop systems since they're not transmitting sound through walls or ceilings.

Easy to use: Teachers usually like using FM systems because they're easier to use than other technologies.  

Using an FM system in school can enable your child to:

  • Hear the teacher's voice. No matter how far away the teacher is from your child, their voice will carry the same volume.
  • Hear their voice better. This will allow them to speak at an average volume rather than yell.
  • Go without their hearing aid. This allows him to concentrate solely on what the teacher is saying.

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