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Our hearing health care professionals will introduce you to your perfect hearing aid match.

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So when it comes to picking a hearing aid, not just any kind will do. It has to fit your ear’s shape and it must be designed for the type and severity of your hearing loss so you don’t miss out on all the sounds around you.

When you come to Cortland Hearing Aids, Tri-City Hearing and Southern Tier Audiology Associates, our trained hearing health care professionals will introduce you to your perfect hearing aid match.

To do this, our hearing health care professionals will conduct a hearing aid evaluation to find out your type and severity of hearing loss, as well as facts about your lifestyle to determine which hearing aids will work best for your unique situation.

We’ll also perform a series of tests to determine the softest sound you can hear. This will help us program your hearing aid to work with the way you hear.

Once you find the perfect hearing aid for you, an hearing health care professional will fit it to your ear to ensure it correctly amplifies sounds and maximizes hearing benefits.

When you buy your hearing aids from Cortland Hearing Aids at one of our 3 locations, you get more than just hearing aids. Get more information on our Complete Hearing Healthcare program, which includes free services like cleaning and adjustments, repairs, and batteries with every hearing aid purchase.

Are you ready to meet the hearing aid for you? Schedule an appointment with Cortland Hearing Aids and we’ll introduce you.

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4.9 Google Rating

What patients say about us

"Everyone was extremely polite, friendly, and helpful.  Ashley was extrememly knowledgable, and put me totally at ease.  I would and will highly recommend Cortland Hearing Aids to anyone looking for a provider of hearing aids."

Donna Murphy

"Consulted with them after loss of hearing in one ear. Very professional staff. They gave us the options that would transmit the sounds from the damaged ear to the good ear. Very happy with the results. Would recommend them to anyone."

Shawn Kelley

"The staff is very knowledgeable about their products, and do a wonderful job of listening to customers about their needs, and resolving any issues related to their hearing aids.  I would highly recommend Cortland Hearing Aids."

Ruth Groff

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